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Hello all! I am moving back to my old stomping grounds and starting new. I am moving to Blogger. I am still in love with reviewing and trying new beauty items but my focus is moving in a new direction with several ideas I have brewing up here. I thank you all for the support the last two years and if you have blogger or follow other sites please stop by and visit mine🙂. I will be revamping the site on my own so it will take two-three days.

The Multistick by Bite Beauty

Hello Beauties-

I received the Multistick by Bite Beauty from Influenster for testing purposes.The multistick by Bite Beauty applies like a cream and wears like a powder for weightless color application. Apply with your finger or a brush on the eyes, lips, and cheeks. Hence the name Multistick because you can use it multiple ways.

 I was sent three shades…

  1. Cocoa- Can be used for lips and contouring.
  2. Macaroon- Can be used for lips and blush.
  3. Blondie- Can be used for lips (lighter skin tones), Light contouring, eyeshadow and blush.

I liked all the colors immediately and they are perfect for the upcoming fall season. My favorite is Macaroon and my least favorite is Blondie. I would recommend Blondie for lighter skin tones. I am usually very pale but this summer in Florida I am as tan as they come. The Blondie just didn’t go well with the tan complexion. Cocoa is a great color for contouring and blends so well. Macaroon is beautiful…my type of color- a deep dusty rose.

Below are pictures of packaging and swatches….


These multisticks are extremely easy to blend in. Perfect gift for those who wear minimal makeup.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

– Parabens

– Sulfates

– Phthalates

What else you need to know:

Bite Beauty products are free of petrochemicals and silicones.

MAC Future Lipstick Swatch

Just a swatch. Haven’t worn it personally yet on my lips but I just had to have this color. 

I need life

I have been MIA for a year now. That was not my intention obviously but there has been a lot going on. I have had to deal with family health problems that are still ongoing, moving from one state to another and in my depression, I chopped all of my hair off. I regret chopping it off. I wish I had an UNDO button.

I have removed myself from people’s lives who only seemed to see how often I was not there for them, even though they knew all the problems and suffering I was going through. I am 34 years old and time flies by. My daughter is now 14 going on 15 in a few months, my other daughter who stayed in NY is now turning 13 and I miss her so much. My son is doing much better ever since we moved to Florida in regards to his behavior at school. My husband loves his new job and they give him a lot of recognition.

I am just here. Don’t know what I want to do with my life. Do I want to go back to school? Do I just want to focus on my weight loss that I never seem to stay on track with? I get overwhelmed with just my normal day to day routine.  I have such bad anxiety it seems. I see people who have more on their plate and how well they handle things that it makes me feel less than.

So I want to grow my hair out, I want to lose weight, get a life in terms of a career or education..I just want to be happy.

Keurig® 2.0 K200 Brewing System

When I received notification via email that I was going to receive the Keurig from Influenster, I was speechless. I thought to myself “Wow!!!” I was even more wowed to see the Keurig on my steps a few hours later. That email must have been sent a day late lol.  Anywho, I am NOT complaining. I have used the Keurig in the past when it first came out and I was pretty impressed. I had a small one but that one unfortunately broke. I stop by Dunkin Donuts every morning to pick myself up a Medium HOT Latte. Well let me JUST SAY…NOT ANYMOREGo pick yourself up Keurig 2.0 immediately!

Some may think I am crazy but I brought my Keurig 2.0 to work to share with my co-workers. I also purchased the reusable pod so I can pack whatever coffee I like versus buying the pods. Compare my $3+ daily run from Dunkin or getting a box of 12 pods for $8.00 which equals out to .67 cents a day…which route would you choose? Honestly speaking, I was so use to Dunkin Donuts that I thought I liked it! Well after taking a break from Dunkin and then picking one  up on the way home one afternoon (It was a long day at work) I was so unhappy. I needed coffee from my Keurig. I have seen and read reviews about the old K-Cups not working on the 2.0 versions. I have not had an issue. I bought my reusable pod but I have also used K-Cups from the 1.0 and it worked just as fine on the 2.0.

I love this Coffee Machine and I am looking forward to purchasing another one. I will need it for my home! I will purchase the Carafe with it this time.

Here is a video of the Keurig 2.0 K200 at work.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


When  I was asked to review Nudestix, I of course said yes.

I said yes because it was makeup, why not? When I received my package with the products to be reviewed, I was pretty impressed immediately. The packaging of the products are in a small metal tin with a mirror inside of the lid. CUTE! This little tin fits in your purse perfectly & you can add more than one product in each tin. I even had two to spare to use for my other beauty tools. I put my eyebrow grooming tools in one and Q-tips in another.


The first product I am going to review is the concealer pencil. I have come across a lot of concealers and I have to say that I loooooove this ONE! It’s perfect! I received this a month ago and I have used it every single day. I use it to cover any dark spots and blemishes and a little under my eyes. All of their products are in pencil form (STIX) and it is just so easy to work with and always have on hand in one of those cute little tins. The creaminess of this product is what I love most and it is easy to blend with your fingers. Saves you tons of time, you do not have to whip out the concealer brush on top of the concealer. I can go on and on about this product but you will have to try it for yourself to see. It does have a sheer coverage so I am not sure how it might work on dark circles. The picture down below is at least three swatches to show the true color.

IMG_1111 IMG_1113
Next, the Eye Pencil.
I was 50/50 with this pencil.  This product doesn’t stay on long. I noticed maybe after three to four hours the colors had started to wear off. I do like the concept of the pencils which cuts down time on application. The best thing about these shadows are that they are creamy and easy to blend, with no clumps at all. This product is good for those who do not want to be too made up. The colors I received were Pewter + Smoke.
IMG_1022 IMG_1021IMG_1025
Next, The Lip + Cheek Pen
I received two of these in the Colors LOVE & SIN.

LOVE- It is a really nice nude pink. I like the color too much! The pencil is already half way gone after wearing everyday for at least three weeks. BUMMER though…because if I wanted another one, I would have to pay $24 and I am not really feeling that to be honest. I can get another Lipstick that is not as pricey and get the same quality or better. I reapply often due to it not really lasting, even after just one cup of coffee.

SIN-eh, I did not like this color at all ..

IMG_1034 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1
Next, The Matte Lip Pen in Hypnotic
Typically anything Matte looks and feels Dry. This does not.
My lips feel soft and it lasted me 5 hours. That is GREAT! Better then the Lip + Cheek!
I am not crazy about this color but I wouldn’t mind trying out a Nude or Mauve.
FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender


Behind the Brand




I was given this product for free for the purpose of reviewing.

Instantly Achieve Beautiful Curls with the KISS InstaWave

The Kiss InstaWave is an automatic curler that creates beautiful, long-lasting curls with ease. No need to be a pro, simply place a section of hair on the InstaWave and leave the rest of the curling to us. With the touch of a button, the Curl Dial Instantly and Automatically catches and curls hair. It is supposed to  transform your straight locks into tangle-free glamorous curls in seconds. I used it for the past week and I love it. My daughter and I both tried it actually and we both have thick hair. It took me a while to review this product because I was having a hard time at first learning how to use this product, there is a bit of a learning curve. Video link is down below for those who want to know how to use it and see the results as well. The curls lasted me two days.


Watch this Video to learn how to work with the InstaWave

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